Life Coaching

What Is Life Coaching All About?

Life Coaching is a career dedicated to helping people take action in order to solve problems. These problems can come in any form. For example, I want to…lose some weight; triple my annual salary; have a better relationship with my children; find a better spiritual connection to my god. No matter who you are, chances are that you are looking for something more in life, even if you do not know what it is yet. Coaches are here to understand you and help you accomplish anything.

Coaches take on whatever role in your life that you need. Some people like having a weekly mentor or trainer while others prefer to have support every few months or years. Others like having a friend to talk to every once in a while to maintain accountability. Coaches are here to help you achieve your greatest goals by holding you accountable for your actions along your path. You are capable of more than you could ever dream. We are here to help you realize your potential and watch you succeed in the ways that you desire.

Life coaches are results specialists that take particular interest in you!

Is A Life Coach The Right Decision For YOU?

  • Do you want something more out of life?
  • Do you feel like something might be missing?
  • Are you excited to better understand yourself?
  • Do you want to be in control of your life?
  • Are you excited to turn the passion for your dreams into actions?
  • Are you ready to make your goals come to fruition?
  • Do you want to set a higher standard for yourself?
  • Are you ready to do what you think is impossible?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then a life coach is the right decision for you. Click YES! and schedule your Free Consultation now!

If you answered yes..? to any of those questions or are still a bit unsure, then please keep reading.

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching typically works like this:

  1. One Free Coaching Consultation
  2. One 60 to 90 minute “Strategy” session
  3. One 45 to 60 minute session per week
  4. Unlimited Emails
  5. Occasional Check-In Calls

However, as always, coaching is designed by you, for you. Contracts are individualized and prioritize your needs. Contracts are agreed upon between the free consultation and the first alignment session.

Where Do Sessions Happen?

Sessions are available in many formats:

  • In Person
  • Phone Calls
  • Virtual Meeting Platforms:
    • FaceBook Messenger Calls
    • FaceTime
    • Skype

We will work together to find an ideal session location for you.

Common Misconceptions

Coaching is similar to therapy.

Coaches and therapists are very different professions separated by training and experience. Therapists are medically trained and tend to focus on the past to help you understand it and move on. Coaches focus on actions that you can do today to achieve your vision of tomorrow.

If you need a coach, something must be wrong with you.

Quite the contrary! Everyone needs a coach. Exceptional athletes do not become exceptional without an outstanding coach or trainer that pushes them to do more than they could the day before. Musicians have instructors that challenge them to play music better every day. Humans need to constantly grow. Without growth, it is very difficult to have a fulfilling life. Mentors and coaches encourage accelerated growth in certain areas of your life. What area of your life could be pushed out of your comfort levels?

 Coaches do not need training.

Coaches need just as much training as anybody else. We have rigorous training programs and continually learn to become better for you. To become the best you can at what you do, training happens everyday. I have a high standard for training. I learned from the Robbins-Madanes Core 100 Hour certification program and many more hours of practice.  I am also a leadership trainer for the Boy Scouts of America and develop my skills every day.

Personal and professional development comes from continual training and discipline. Without mentors, I would not be where I am today, helping people like you. You determine the area of training that you need in your life and we will create a plan of action. If one or both of us feels that I do not have the specialization to help you as much as you need or want, I have thousands of colleagues with different specialties. We are a network of people that will find a way to help ensure that you succeed!

You are not in control of the coaching sessions.

Despite what you may think, you are the leader of every coaching session. Coaching is designed individually for you. You control the discussions and all of your results. This is your life! It is simply my job to enable you to achieve more than you ever have before in whatever area of life you choose.

Why Me?

The answer is simple:

It is my mission to discover, cultivate, and unleash your passions so that you can transform your dreams into reality and achieve the impossible. 

I have years of experience as a leader in various capacities and know how to understand people. My work in theoretical quantum physics compels me to understand why people do what they do. I know how to ask questions to learn why you do things, give you strategies and techniques to make your life what you desire, and encourage you to see the changes through to the end. I have a never-ending toolbox filled with hundreds of strategies and techniques to help you succeed.

I am a results specialist and take an interest in YOU. I have resources around the world and believe that there is always a way to accomplish anything. I also believe that you have all of the answers you need to succeed in life, even if you do not know them yet.

Congratulations on taking the first step for a better future! You learned what life coaching is and how it can help you.

Now that you are ready to transform your life to be more fulfilled, click YES! to take the second step and schedule your Free Consultation today.

1 thought on “Life Coaching

  1. “I started working with Kyle a few weeks ago to help me with a career change and I cannot say enough positive things about the experience. Kyle is very personable and easy to talk to. I feel very comfortable discussing with him the issues surrounding my reasons for wanting a change and priorities in life and work. He is a great listener and very responsive to questions both in our Skype sessions and via email. Though my coaching is still in progress, his positive attitude, the tasks he’s set out for me to help reach my goals and just our overall conversations have already made a big difference. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with him to achieve my career and life goals.” ~ Vanessa


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