I also give presentations designed to help you succeed. There are many skills that help individuals and groups thrive. I have designed group seminars to teach your group how to work better to achieve results you may not have thought possible and provide you with the practice to see sustainable growth and success in the future.

My philosophy on life and the universe is eloquently summarized by the great physicist Albert Einstein:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein

Einstein himself used it to derive intricate models of both general relativity and quantum mechanics. I further believe that this can be applied to how people make decisions, as well. After studying both approaches, I have crafted presentations to give you what I believe to be tools and skills that can be applied in every day life to help you succeed in your quest for happiness.

I give interactive presentations in seminar format, with plenty of time to practice each of the skills you will learn. The best way to learn is to do it yourself. All of these presentations can be customized to fit your needs (duration, location, and audience). Some presentations can be combined as desired with extended time.

Below are the presentations and seminars I give to teach you and your team valuable skills to succeed every day, with descriptions. If you would like more information or to schedule a presentation, contact me today!


Finding Resonance in Your Life*

What is resonance and how can we use it to have more meaningful and happy lives? Resonance is a beautiful description of how the world is ultimately won to harmony. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “Does that resonate with you?” This seminar takes this question to a whole new level so that you can learn how to resonate yourself to anything or anyone in the world.

The Beauty of Harmony*

This presentation gives a physical and spiritual interactive demonstration lecture deriving nature’s harmonies through time. Why do humans tend to like certain sounds played together, but not others? Nature has been so perfectly designed that we continually uncover the laws of the universe accidentally every day. This talk gives a detailed look into the structure of the laws of nature and how we use them as human beings.

Quantum Harmonization*

Quantum Harmonization takes The Beauty of Harmony to much deeper levels, intellectually and spiritually. This workshop explores the intricacies between the connection of quantum physics, neuroscience, psychology, and music to bring about a deeper understanding of how we individually belong in an ever expanding universe.

Master Your Performance*

Performance anxiety can be a devastating setback for a person in any field. Performance can be related to music, art, speaking, business, leadership, and any other career or discipline. When nerves get the best of us there is room for huge loss. This seminar takes a look at the mindset of success and how to use your anxiety as a strength and overcome your emotions in stressful situations.

*These presentations all require a piano. I can provide one for an additional equipment fee. 

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Leaders have hundreds of strategies and resources to lead their teams to success. Emotional intelligence is one of the strongest resources a leader can tap into. This workshop takes a much closer look at the meaning and application of emotional intelligence as it applies to teams and common goals. The leader of a group is the person that can best meet the emotional needs of those in his or her group. Discovering and exploring emotional intelligence gives leaders huge advantages to accomplish goals, both in the workplace and in daily life.

Secrets of Successful Relationships

There are so many successful relationships in the world. Are they easy to maintain? Yes! You just may need to learn how it is easy for some people. Bring your partner and become more connected than you thought you ever could be. Love is love, plain and simple. The relationship skills in this presentation can also be applied to non-intimate situations, such as your workplace. Connecting with others is essential for human survival. Learn how to make the best relationships on your own terms.

Embrace the Journey

Embrace life by taking the driver’s seat to follow through on your goals. Learn strategies and tools you can use every day to ensure that you succeed in everything you wish to accomplish in life. Discover new things about yourself and practice living the mindset that will help make your dreams become reality.

Anxiety is a Strength

Are you anxious about something? Does it prevent you from achieving your goals? Learn how to transform this anxiety into something that you can use to succeed. There are many ways to take all of the energy you use to feel anxious and direct it towards your life in positive and meaningful ways.

Using Anger as a Source of Unlimited Potential

Does something set you off into a storm of frustration and anger? When this happens, does it help you to make decisions and react to situations? Probably not. Learn how to transform this frustration into something that can allow you make great decisions when faced with challenges and complications.



1 thought on “Presentations

  1. “When I asked Kyle to come and speak for us I had no clear idea of just what it was that I wanted him to talk about. All I knew was that we suffered from a lack of cohesiveness. He took a look at our organization and every individual in it and came up with a presentation that exceded any expectation I could have had. He excels at speaking to people, listening to what they need, and engaging them in finding the solutions. I can say with confidence that everyone in the room left with a new excitement for our organization.” ~ Charles M.


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